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BTT would like to introduce you to our friends STAROS  

The Team at BTT are family people and when we were introduced to STAROS their message and story really resonated with us. We like to think of our BTT team as family and feel a strong supportive family network is important when juggling the challenges life can have.   

STAROS has a philosophy of caring for and supporting others and is always willing to be involved with any events that will benefit and improve the wellbeing of the people in our community which in turn helps to build healthy communities. STAROS believe that supporting community can make a difference to the future wellbeing of our community and they work hard to build connections with other groups and organisations that align with this philosophy.

The team at BTT understand that losing a loved one to suicide changes your life forever and feel strongly about supporting our community to helps manage the impact suicide has on our lives.

STAROS Affected by Suicide Support Trust provides information and support for those bereaved by suicide within New Zealand. 

in order to support our community and our friends at STAROS the BTT team have got their hands on an old school Land Rover that is in much need of some love in order to bring this bad boy back to life with the help of our suppliers and customers we will be dedicating our skills and time to get this beloved land rover up and running again! 

Once fully restored our Land Rover will be auctioned off with all proceeds going to our STAROS family. We can't wait to share this journey with you all so please make sure you are following our social media Facebook, Instagram and our Blog on our website to keep up to date and see how you can donate to STAROS or if you would like to be apart of our Land rover restoration crew pop in store and chat to our team today or give Todd a call on 0274 423 529 







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